Discover the Art of Tantric Massage in the Heart of Fort Lauderdale

Tantra Fort Lauderdale is a leading Tantric Massage therapy clinic with over 10 years of experience, founded by practitioners Simone and Nathalia. Specializing in helping individuals and couples heal inner trauma and expand consciousness, the clinic offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western traditions. Techniques include breath work, meditation, movement, and massage, all aimed at creating a transformational experience.

Simone and Nathalia also provide Tantra Training and Workshops, ideal for those looking to learn this healing modality and offer it to others. Their combined expertise and compassionate approach ensures a personalized journey toward healing and growth.

Explore a Wide Range of Bodywork Offerings

Fort Lauderdale Tantrikas

Tantric Massage: A Journey to Inner Peace

Experience the profound benefits of traditional tantric massage. Simone and Nathalia use ancient techniques to harmonize your body and mind, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Lingam and Yoni Massage: Celebrating Sacred Intimacy

Discover the healing and empowering effects of Lingam and Yoni Massage. These practices honor the sacredness of the male and female energies, facilitating emotional release and deepened self-awareness.

Prostate Massage: Holistic Health and Pleasure

Explore the therapeutic benefits of Sacred Spot massage. This technique offers not only health benefits but also introduces a new dimension of pleasure.

Couples Massage/Workshops: Deepen Your Connection

Strengthen your bond with a couples massage session or workshops, conducted in a safe and nurturing environment for you and your partner to explore and deepen your connection.

Tantra Benefits

Deepened Intimacy and Connection

Enhanced Communication

Increased Pleasure

Renewed Passion

Sexual Dysfunction (PE/ED)

Guilt or Shame Around Sex

Performance Anxiety

Want to Become a Better Lover

Difficulty Orgasming

Heal Sexual Trauma

Painful or Numb Sex

Improved Sex Life